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Patient Testimonials


Our office has been working hard to keep the tables clean between patients and we believe that hand washing is one of the best deterrents to the spread of disease.  When you arrive, you will find tables cleaned with EPA approved cleaning solutions, and we will have washed our hands or used alcohol hand sanitizer before we enter your adjusting room.  
We ask that if you have symptoms, stay home and we will do the same.  We ask that you walk into the office with a mask to be asked the COVID questions (called triaging) but if you have a condition which prevents you from breathing comfortably with the mask on, you are welcome to take the mask off in the individual adjusting rooms as our state mandates allow.  
These are extremely trying and stressful times.  We are learning the truth about this virus as time marches on.  We're doing our best to make sure you are comfortable in the office so that you can continue to receive your Chiropractic adjustments. 
Thank your for your understanding! With love and health, 
Dr. Ashley and staff