Dr. Ashley has helped my lower back pain to decrease and my mobility to increase. Chiropractic has been a wonderful change in my crazy life! 

           -Hannah (mom of 4 kids)

I don't get sick as much and I do a lot of sports so chiropratic helps me to not get sore.

-Sarah age 15

Chiropractic adjustments helped me get rid of my headaches.

-Brent age 34

After being adjusted, I feel like a 28 year old!

-Jerry age 64

I just love AR Chiropractic!! Dr. Ashley always listens and understand just what I need.


At A.R. Chiropractic, they treat you like family.


Dr. Ashley has been a wonderful help with my back compression after lifting and running, and sciatica through pregnancy. She is a wealth of knowledge throughout pregnancy (helping me understand what is going on with babe) and infant stages (helping me understand baby products and how to use them correctly). I’m so thankful to have her as my chiropractor!


Dr. Ashley is incredibly friendly and informative. I felt really comfortable with her and liked the fact that she took X-Rays for me to better understand what problems took priority and why one old injury may lead to others over time. I would definitely recommend her services.


Dr. Ashley relieved the severe pain I got from a car accident, and helps control my migraines.

-Jade age 31